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Custom bags for your packaging

SODERTEX designs and manufactures bags & luggage to order, for promoting or selling your brand. We manufacture tailor-made advertising bags, of any shape, material, size or colour. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tailor-made bags that we can manufacture:

Tote bags and carry bags

Whether it is a reusable bag (woven PP bag, non-woven PP (with or without lamination), jute bag, cotton bag, PVC bag, etc) or a boutique bag, more ephemeral, in paper and in cardboard, we take care of making your product with our expertise in tailor-made textile. For our customers from all sectors we develop town bags, bottle bags, vacation tote bags or shopping bags. We can design them as flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque as also with or without clasp, and marked with the logo of your brand.

The tote bag

The essential and indispensable reusable bag of the moment! Made from cotton, jute, polyester or nylon, the tote bag replaces the paper and plastic bags, thus making it a trendy, efficient and eco-friendly communication accessory!

Backpacks and sports bags

Depending on your specifications, we take into account the specific finishes of your backpack, shoulder bag, bowling bag, sports shoe bag, multi-pocket bag, bag with zip finishes, bag with mesh nets. We test the product’s strength, so that it can be used by hiking or trekking specialists and also any other novice or seasoned athlete. Your entire product is designed to your image: strap colour, embroidered label, polyester printing etc.

The travel bags & weekend bags

Ideal for conveying your brand, the personalised flexible cabin bag allows your customer to be your brand’s ambassador. Convenient for your customers, the flexible weekend bags are always useful! We can think of tailor-made travel bags of any size, foldable or rigid, in polyester or cotton, with custom printing or embroidery. We can also support you with travel accessories: passport cover, travel set kit or the luggage tag, ideal to adorn the luggage or the travel bag.


A feminine accessory par excellence, the custom handbag is a prophetic luxury accessory for your customers. Together we develop the shape of the bag (bucket bag, satchel bag, bowling bag, lady bag, clutch bag, handbag or shoulder bag), choose the material (animal leather, imitation leather, polyester, PU etc.), define the colour and finally fine tune the details (buckles, nails, messages to be engraved, labels, choice of straps). A 100% tailored handbag, depending on your style and your brand’s world.

Children’s bags

Sports backpacks, swimsuit bag, school bags for children or lunch bags are always gifts that will attract your customers. Love at first sight guaranteed for smooth developments of your brand’s DNA. We can also imagine a child care support, with changing bags, maternity bags, made-to-order cool bags for creative snacks, or even baby bottle bags!

Beach bags

Indispensable for a successful summer, your customers will appreciate our custom beach bags. We can imagine it as a duffel bag, a bucket bag, a transparent PVC bag, in jute, or simply in cotton or polyester as you wish. We can also support you in beach accessories such as beach towels, bath towels, beach balls or giant buoys.

Briefcases or “business” bags

The essential custom attaché case or custom briefcase is a good communication vector for your brand. SODERTEX develops along with you computer bags and pouches, cases and towels, tablet covers, briefcases or portfolios.

Sodertex : un très large éventail de packaging sur-mesure A very wide range of custom packaging and accessories: bags, tote bags, kits, pouches, textile accessories, boxes, derived accessory cases.
Coloris et matières A wide choice of colours and materials: cotton, satin, suede, velvet, taffeta, organza, chiffon, plumeti, felt, leather, jute, linen, tarlatan, PVC, EVA, PEVA, HDPE, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyester.
Customisation suited to every need: screen printing, hot stamping, transfer, digital, embroidery, embossing, zipping and metal plate engraving.

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      Téléchargez notre catalogue

      Découvrez nos plus belles réalisations ainsi que la diversité et la complémentarité des domaines d’activités avec lesquels nous collaborons dans notre nouveau Carnet de création.

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