Arts, crafts and hobbies

SODERTEX, Arts, Hobbies & Crafts, bringing smiles since 2009.énéral-1.png

Accessories arts, crafts and hobbies professionals: purchase agency, distributor, manufacturer

Purchase agency Your are: a purchase agency

  • Specialist in stationery, school supplies, arts, crafts and hobbies, working with the world of education, learning & communities as well as all the players in the world of education. Your customers are schools, kindergartens, recreation centres, specialised welcoming facilities.
  • Specialist in self-service distribution of stationery, office supplies, school supplies, items of fine arts and arts, crafts and hobbies. Your customers are both B2B and B2C.
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Resellers, distributors You are: a reseller/distributor

  • Player in the GSS or GMS world, you market a range of creative accessories dedicated to manual activities and arts, crafts and hobbies.
  • On-line or physical creative material shop – you market accessories dedicated to fine arts, arts, crafts and hobbies, papers, framing, creative haberdashery, scrapbooking, children’s activities, etc.
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You are a purchase agency You are: a manufacturer

  • looking for a partner offering you a wide choice of materials (felt, suede, velvet) and custom cutting service (ribbons, various shapes, squares/rectangles, etc.) for small and large production.
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Looking for a touch of freshness, innovation and madness to boost your product lines? The SODERTEX ARTS, HOBBIES & CRAFTS are for you!