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Type of materials for packaging and accessories

In the textile world, we have to distinguish between natural fibres and fabrics, and synthetic fibres. SODERTEX brings you its expertise and supports you in differentiating between the fibres and materials. There are in fact natural materials (plant or animal materials) and synthetic materials, i.e. obtained by chemical reactions. Material selection for packaging is one of the most important features when creating packaging or accessories.

What natural materials are used for packaging?

Natural fibres are plant fibres. Textile packaging from natural source thus complies with the eco-design issues. Woven with natural fibres such as cotton, tencel, bamboo fibre, jute or linen, our custom pouches, kits or totebags are biodegradable and cease to exist after use.

Advantage of natural materials for packaging:

The desire to design environment-friendly packaging and follows the principles of sustainable development is an integral part of development strategies of the French brands.

Designing natural packaging and sustainable packaging this improves its impact on the environment. As also proposing eco-responsible products. Going a step further, our fabrics can be organic and therefore bio-sourced. Natural fibres are therefore certified organic and thereby guarantee an optimised manufacturing process, free of pesticides and GMOs. Our productions are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified: an international certification with a high level of environmental and social requirements.

The plant, purist, nature and simplistic spirit reflect the packaging trends and the gift of tomorrow. The minimalist trend runs through the natural packaging materials. However soft and feminine packaging are increasingly being appreciated. Softness of natural materials such as brushed cotton, or cotton veil thus is used to reflect this fineness and this softness in the product’s promotion.

Which synthetic materials are used for packaging

Textile industry is one of the world’s leading industries. Production of chemical fibres now far exceeds the production of natural fibres. Synthetic fibres are actually the most used in the world. Their production cost is low and their ease of manufacture is incomparable. Main synthetic fibres that we can use in our custom packaging are polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon or elastane (Lycra). We will also find non-processed materials in the form of fibres. Like PVC plastic or EVA. This will enable you to offer transparency in your packaging (cosmetic kits, beach bag, travel set).

Advantage of synthetic materials for packaging:

Making polyester bags, polypropylene pouches or lycra cases is an answer primarily to economic problems. As also to resistance properties. Synthetic fibre packaging is more durable over time. Polyester bags or kits are actually stronger and more resistant to wear than natural fibre packaging. Synthetic textile packaging is also easier to wash, is wrinkle-free and is moisture resistant.

In addition, synthetic material packaging offers freedom to stylistic innovation. Plastic materials such as PU (Polyurethane), PVC or EVA make it possible to obtain much more complex results. Such as imitation leather or thermo-shaped designs directly in the material. We thus obtain very interesting aesthetic aspects: glossy effect, shiny effect, peach skin effect, croco appearance, ostrich skin appearance, granular effect, etc.

A very wide range of custom packaging and accessories: bags, tote bags, kits, pouches, textile accessories, boxes, derived accessory cases.
A wide choice of colours and materials: cotton, satin, suede, velvet, taffeta, organza, chiffon, plumeti, felt, leather, jute, linen, tarlatan, PVC, EVA, PEVA, HDPE, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyester.
Customisation suited to every need: screen printing, hot stamping, transfer, digital, embroidery, embossing, zipping and metal plate engraving.

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      Découvrez nos plus belles réalisations ainsi que la diversité et la complémentarité des domaines d’activités avec lesquels nous collaborons dans notre nouveau Carnet de création.

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