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Aeronautical and Nautical: custom cutting of textile

With its expertise in unrolled both hot and cold cutting, SODERTEX is a player serving the aeronautical and nautical markets. With nearly 30 years of experience, our expertise as a custom textile and flexible material cutter is now recognised. The aeronautical industry, flagship of our French industry, reposes its trust in us. We are thus closely collaborating on custom textile cutting for the French general aeronautical, nautical and naval customers.

Challenges of cutting flexible materials for the nautical industry

As aeronautical sectors operate in a tight normative and regulatory environment, they require highly detailed studies of their specifications. SODERTEX is thus a creative force in different types of industrial fabric cutting that may be envisaged, while integrating the technical constraints. Our customers mainly use composite materials requiring polyamide or polyester fabrics. This fabric makes it possible to do away with the resin coat polluted by solvents on the surface of these composite materials. These taffeta or twill fabrics are commonly called “peel ply fabrics”.

Custom hot cutting of textile for the aeronautical industry

The peel ply fabric is generally cut into narrow strips requiring them to be cut into ribbons. Our experience in unrolled cutting with very fine 1mm tolerances, allows us to offer perfect precision in the demanding aeronautical markets. The synthetic make-up of these peel ply fabrics involves precision industrial hot cutting, to cauterize or weld the edges in order to avoid their fraying during the custom textile cutting operation.

Advantages of Sodertex industrial fabric cutting

SODERTEX meets the requirements of the nautical sector by offering custom defect-free hot industrial cutting with industrial width tolerances of + or – 1mm. The packaging also helps in effectively protecting the child reels.   Are you a professional in the nautical, aeronautical or naval sector and have a project? Our industrial cutting expert teams are at your disposal to answer your questions, advise you or make a custom quote. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Our cutting and materials service for professionals

Contact us for customised cutting of all materials present in our catalogue: ribbons, various shapes, squares/rectangles …

We have a collection of standard products made of felt of different thickness, of stick-on and sticker felts, of non-combustible felt (fire rating EN 13501- 1) and also of velvet stickers.



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  • 2 modèles de masques lavables 3 couches selon la réglementation AFNOR SPEC S76-001. (Possibilité de coton biologique et de certification OEKO-TEX)
  • Des surblouses antisalissures pour les praticiens et personnels soignants

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